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What is DNA Wall Covering
DnA Wall Covering is the new age wall mural whereby desired design is used as a featured wall or centre of attraction.

Where is this product from? / Origin of product
DnA Wall Covering originated from Europe and widely adopted in many countries such as UK and USA

Why are DnA Wall Coverings so popular?
It is the latest trend which allows homeowners the freedom to personalise and create their home ambience just the way they like it. You can easily spot this trend - featured in most current interior decoration magazines. PRINTedge is honoured to be the pioneer company in Singapore to have launched this product in South East Asia. Not only does it add colours home ambience, it can achieve the needed depths and dimensions that painted walls cannot. It also has amazing therapeutic effects. Given the stressful lifestyle in these days, beautiful Wall Coverings of picturesque sceneries helps relax our minds as well as soothe the eyes after a hard day's work. It is proven that vibrant colours - found in our range of Disney Wall Coverings - pique a child's curiosity and hence expand and improve their power of imagination. Furthermore, all Disney characters are carefully developed by experts ensuring that they come with high educational benefits that helps to enrich a child's rapid learning process.

Is it the same as the conventional wallpapers?
No, because conventional wallpaper covers entire walls in the house. DnA Wall Coverings cover only selected walls, in a form of feature walls as a centre of attraction.

How long does it last?
It can last more than 5 years, though most customers will change it every 2 years to refresh the look of the house.

Is there any warranty on the product?
Yes, there is a one-year warranty on manufacturer's defects of peeling and fading.

How do I maintain the Wall Covering?
The maintenance required is minimal because it does not get dirty easily. Just use a damp cloth to clean it when it gets dirty. It is water and scratch resistant.

What kind of wall condition is suitable for DnA Wall Coverings?
The wall should be relatively flat, but it does not have to be 100% smooth. Paint residue that appear as bumps are acceptable, but the walls must not be dented or uneven. Wall Covering is a designer product and is not meant to cover up any faults on the walls.

Can we use our own pictures?
Yes, just provide us your digital photos/ negative/ positive/ 4R prints. The scanning charge will apply when required.

Can you reproduce any kinds of pictures?
We can reproduce all sorts of personal pictures, except nude pictures, pictures with royalty rights and religious emblems.

Will the removal of the Wall Covering damage the wall?
DnA Wall Covering will not damage your wall. You just have to refresh the wall with a new coat of paint after removal.

How long does it take to produce the Wall Covering?
It takes about 10 working days upon confirmation of order.


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