DNA Life Pte Ltd.

Retail Campaign Strategy

That convert shoppers into buyers

As experts in the shopper’s retail space, we combine the data of the shopper’s needs and develop into actionable tools that lead the shoppers down the path of purchase in your in-store or promotional space.

  • Sponsorship Liaison
  • Sampling Proposal & Activation
  • Joint Promotion Partnership
DNA Life Pte Ltd.

Shopper Centric Creative & Design Works

That speak to shoppers & hits your KPIs

Trained in retail communications, our creative team consistently delivers outstanding creative and design works that speak to shoppers and deliver the desired results. 

  • Brand Campaign
  • New Product Launch
  • New Claim Statement Launch
  • National Consumer Promotions
  • Exclusive Retailer’s Campaign
  • Graphic Design & Production
DNA Life Pte Ltd.

Point-of-Sale Advertising Display

That makes your brand stand out amidst retail clutter

Be it instore or atrium events, give your brand the deserved visibility with a wide range of Advertising Displays. Our machineries are constantly upgraded to ensure colour vibrancy and structural integrity are of high standards to ensure shoppers’ safety. DNA Life is a Bizsafe 3 certified agency.

  • Hang-sell
  • Floor Stands
  • Gondola Ends
  • Pallet Displays
  • Promotional Spaces
DNA Life Pte Ltd.

Visual Merchandising Services

The right go-to-market partner that delivers results

Armed with data of supermarkets, retail pharmacies and convenience stores, DNA Life ensures timely delivery for your advertising displays with a system that tracks the delivery process. Our solutions will ensure that you go-to-market on-time and yield the best campaign results.

  • Delivery & setup of Point-of-Sale displays at retail spaces
  • Familiarity with numerous retail spaces such as supermarkets, retail pharmacies and convenience sores
DNA Life Pte Ltd.

Online-to-Offline (O2O) Digital Campaigns

Creating the ultimate omni-channel Shopper Experience

Capitalise your online marketing effort to re-define the value of in-store retail offering? DNA Life partner associates with the latest smart retail solutions to improve in-store shopping experience to bridge the gap between traditional online and offline commerce.

  • QR Promotional Campaign
  • Smart Retail Technology
  • Integrated Social Media Campaign
DNA Life Pte Ltd.

Wall Covering & Shop Deco

That creates the right store ambience

Achieve your ROI by creating the right store ambience. We provide design and fabrication of category and aisle signages, digital wall coverings, murals and promotional panels to navigate shoppers in retail whether instore, pop-out store or atrium event.